Men's Outdoor Black Leather Sling Bags


♦ Made to fit your lifestyle, this Sling-a-Thing bag is designed to go where you go. The leather sling bag is made with top-layer leather and has a durable shoulder strap for comfort. This bag is perfect for an active lifestyle, shopping trips, running errands, quick vacations, and more.

♦ It includes a variety of pockets and compartments. With sufficient room, you can store in the bag your iWatch, iPad mini, iPhone 7 plus, or Kindle e-reader. The bag is secured by zipping that keeps your wallet safe even during almost any adventure.


Bag Size
CM L39 × W11 × H13
Inch L15.3" × W4.3" × H5.1"
Brand: Neouo
Item Type: Fashion Leather Sling Bags
Item SKU: WLSL220101
Fabric: Top Layer Cowhide
Avg Weight: 0.66 Lbs
Sizes: One Size
iPad Fit: iPad Mini
Waterproof: Yes
Earphone Jack: No
Back Hidden Pocket: Yes

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